Part I. Raptor Tutorial

This part describes how to use the Raptor APIs to turn syntaxes into RDF triples and RDF triples into syntaxes.

The next part contains the Raptor Reference Manual which comprehensively describes every class and function of the API.

For the latest information, see the Raptor Home Page and the main document overview in this document tree.

Table of Contents

Initialising and Finishing using the Library
Listing built-in functionality
Parsing syntaxes to RDF Triples
Create the Parser object
Parser features
Set RDF triple callback handler
Set fatal error, error and warning handlers
Set the identifier creator handler
Set namespace declared handler
Set the parsing strictness
Provide syntax content to parse
Parse the content from a URI (raptor_parse_uri())
Parse the content of a URI using an existing WWW connection (raptor_parse_uri_with_connection())
Parse the content of a C FILE* (raptor_parse_file_stream())
Parse the content of a file URI (raptor_parse_file())
Parse chunks of syntax content provided by the application (raptor_start_parse() and raptor_parse_chunk())
Restrict parser network access
Filtering parser network requests with feature RAPTOR_FEATURE_NO_NET
Filtering parser network requests with raptor_www_set_uri_filter()
Filtering parser network requests with raptor_parser_set_uri_filter()
Setting timeout for parser network requests with feature RAPTOR_FEATURE_WWW_TIMEOUT
Querying parser static information
Querying parser run-time information
Aborting parsing
Destroy the parser
Parsing example code
Serializing RDF triples to a syntax
Create the Serializer object
Serializer features
Declare namespaces
Set error and warning handlers
Provide a destination for the serialized syntax
Serialize to a filename (raptor_serialize_start_to_filename())
Serialize to a string (raptor_serialize_start_to_string())
Serialize to a FILE* file handle (raptor_serialize_start_to_file_handle())
Serialize to an raptor_iostream (raptor_serialize_start_to_iostream())
Serialize to an raptor_iostream and close iostream (raptor_serialize_start())
Get or construct RDF Triples
Send RDF Triples to serializer
Querying serializer run-time information
Destroy the serializer
Serializing example code

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