Declare namespaces

Raptor can use namespace prefix/URIs to abbreviate syntax in some syntaxes such as Turtle or any XML syntax including RDF/XML, RSS1.0 and Atom 1.0. These are declared with raptor_serialize_set_namespace() using a prefix and URI argument pair like this:

  const unsigned char* prefix="ex";
  raptor_uri* uri=raptor_new_uri("");

  raptor_serialize_set_namespace(rdf_serializer, prefix, uri);

or raptor_serialize_set_namespace_from_namespace() from an existing namespace. This can be useful when connected up the the namespace declarations that are generated from a parser via a namespace handler set with raptor_set_namespace_handler()

like this:
  static void
  relay_namespaces(void* user_data, raptor_namespace *nspace)
    raptor_serialize_set_namespace_from_namespace(rdf_serializer, nspace);

  raptor_set_namespace_handler(rdf_parser, rdf_serializer, relay_namespaces);

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