Part II. Raptor Reference Manual

This part contains the Raptor Reference Manual which comprehensively describes every class and function of the API.

The previous part contains the Raptor Tutorial explaining how to use the API parts.

For the latest information, see the Raptor Home Page and the main document overview in this document tree.

Table of Contents

Parsers in Raptor (syntax to triples)
GRDDL parser (name grddl)
Guess parser (name guess)
N-Triples parser (name ntriples)
RDFa parser - (name rdfa)
RDF/XML parser - default (name rdfxml)
RSS Tag Soup parser (name rss-tag-soup)
TRiG parser (name trig)
Turtle Terse RDF Triple Language parser (name turtle)
Serializers in Raptor (triples to syntax)
Atom 1.0 serializer (name atom)
JSON serializers (name json and name json-triples)
N-Triples serializer - default (name ntriples)
RDF/XML serializer (name rdfxml)
RDF/XML (Abbreviated) serializer (name rdfxml-abbrev)
RDF/XML (XMP Profile) serializer (name rdfxml-xmp)
Turtle serializer (name turtle)
RSS 1.0 serializer (name rss-1.0)
GraphViz dot serializer (name dot)
Initialisation — Library startup, shutdown and configuration.
General — General library constants and utility functions
Memory — Memory handling functions
Constants — Constant values and strings
Features — Parser and Serializer features
I/O Stream — Providing streaming I/O writing to files, strings or user code.
Locator — Location information for errors, warnings and messages.
Parser — RDF parsers - from a syntax to RDF triples
SAX2 — SAX2 XML Parsing API with namespaces and base URI support.
Sequence — Ordered sequence of items.
Serializer — RDF serializers - from RDF triples to a syntax
String buffer — Append-only strings.
Triples — RDF Triples
Unicode — Unicode and UTF-8 utility functions.
URI Factory — Provide an implementation for the URI class.
URI — URI class and relative URI computation
WWW — Retrieval of URI content from the web.
XML Namespaces — Namespaces in XML include stacks of Namespaces
XML QName — XML Namespace-qualified names.
XML — XML and XML Writer

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