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Redland librdf Language Bindings - PHP Interface

Installing the Redland PHP interface

This is built if --with-php is given to the configure line. The standard 'make' at the top level will build it.

You can also compile the PHP interface by hand as follows:

  cd php

  # optional
  make check

To install it system wide do this as root (or maybe via sudo make install). NOTE: This is untested:

  root# make install

The PHP interface has been used with PHP 4.3.8, 4.3.3, 4.3.2, 4.2.2, 4.1.2 and 5.1.2 and is beta quality - has been used in production.

Redland PHP API Introduction

The PHP API is an object-based API with the class names and method names flattened into PHP procedure names like this: librdf_class_method - the same names as in the underlying C API. The object references become PHP variables.

Testing the Redland PHP interface

There is not yet an example program to exercise the PHP interface.