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Redland librdf RDF API Library - Getting Help

Getting Help

Bugs and missing features are always possible however there is no guarantee of support.

You can try checking the To do / bug pages for the individual packages, or see if the problem fixed in the latest GIT sources. Bugs reported with a suggested patch to fix them will be probably be processed faster. I prefer patches made with GNU diff -urN, otherwise diff -cr.

Mailing Lists

There are three public Redland mailing lists that can be subscribed to.

redland-dev - Redland and Raptor general discussion
subscribe, archive
redland-announce - Redland and Raptor announcements (low traffic, read only)
subscribe, archive
redland-commits - obsolete list no longer used for commit messages (read only)
Use the GIT browse views for archived commits.

The redland-dev list was moved from Yahoo! Groups in February 2003.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

There is a #redland IRC channel on the freenode IRC network or irc:// You may be able to get answers to small problems here, but there is no guarantee that anyone is around. Mail to the redland-dev list is better for test cases and patches and provides archiving.

If you are new to IRC, I recommend trying XChat as a client for X, Win32 and OSX (X-Chat Aqua). Firefox and newer browsers may have extensions for IRC clients that you can use by just clicking on the irc: URL above.

Other Support

If you require other support options, please contact Dave.

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