Photos List

Photos List — Photos List.


int                 flickcurl_photos_list_params_init   (flickcurl_photos_list_params *list_params);
void                flickcurl_free_photos_list          (flickcurl_photos_list *photos_list);


Photos List.



typedef struct {
  char *format;
  flickcurl_photo** photos;
  int photos_count;
  char* content;
  size_t content_length;
  int page;
  int per_page;
  int total_count;
} flickcurl_photos_list;

Photos List result.

char *format;

requested content format or NULL if a list of photos was wanted. On the result from API calls this is set to the requested feed format or "xml" if none was given.

flickcurl_photo **photos;

list of photos if format is NULL. Also may be NULL on failure.

int photos_count;

number of photos in photos array if format is NULL. Undefined on failure

char *content;

raw content if format is not NULL. Also may be NULL on failure.

size_t content_length;

size of content if format is not NULL. Undefined on failure

int page;

current photo list page

int per_page;

current photo list per-page

int total_count;

total number of photos available of which the current page and per_page is a slice


typedef struct {
  /* NOTE: Bump @version and update
   * flickcurl_photos_list_params_init() when adding fields 
  int version; /* 1 */
  const char* format;
  const char* extras;
  int per_page;
  int page;
} flickcurl_photos_list_params;

Photos List API parameters for multiple functions that return a flickcurl_photos_list

Use flickcurl_get_extras_format_info() to enumerate the list of known extra values and flickcurl_get_feed_format_info() to enumerate the list of known format values.

int version;

structure version (currently 1)

const char *format;

Feed format. If given, the photos list result will return raw content. This paramter is EXPERIMENTAL as annouced 2008-08-25 The current formats are feed-rss_100 for RSS 1.0, feed-rss_200 for RSS 2.0, feed-atom_10 for Atom 1.0, feed-georss for RSS 2.0 with GeoRSS and W3C Geo for geotagged photos, feed-geoatom for Atom 1.0 with GeoRSS and W3C Geo for geotagged photos, feed-geordf for RSS 1.0 with GeoRSS and W3C Geo for geotagged photos, feed-kml for KML 2.1, feed-kml_nl for KML 2.1 network link (or NULL)

const char *extras;

A comma-delimited list of extra information to fetch for each returned record. Currently supported fields are: license, date_upload, date_taken, owner_name, icon_server, original_format, last_update, geo, tags, machine_tags. 'media will return an extra media=VALUE for VALUE "photo" or "video". API addition 2008-04-07. (or NULL)

int per_page;

Number of photos to return per page. If this argument is omitted, it defaults to 100. The maximum allowed value is 500. (or < 0)

int page;

The page of results to return. If this argument is omitted, it defaults to 1. (or < 0)

flickcurl_photos_list_params_init ()

int                 flickcurl_photos_list_params_init   (flickcurl_photos_list_params *list_params);

Initialise an existing photos list parameter structure

list_params :

photos list params to init

Returns :

non-0 on failure

flickcurl_free_photos_list ()

void                flickcurl_free_photos_list          (flickcurl_photos_list *photos_list);

Destructor for photos list

photos_list :

photos list object