Search result format

Searching normally returns what is called a Standard Photo Response (SPR) which is a list of photos with lots of fields, turned into a C array of pointers to flickcurl_photo structs by Flickcurl. There are alternate syntax formats that may be returned and these can be configured by setting the field format in the flickcurl_photos_list_params to a format name such as "feed-kml" for a KML 2.1 feed result. When this is done, Flickcurl will NOT return an array of flickcurl_photo structs but will make available the raw content bytes from the web service result as a C string. The default format is SPR and is either chosen by format field NULL or string "xml".

Use flickcurl_get_feed_format_info() to get list the known format names and descriptions at runtime.

The following code fragment initialises a list parameters block on the stack and then configures the result format name to feed-kml for a KML 2.1 feed result.

  flickcurl_photos_list_params list_params;


  list_params.format = "feed-kml";