Store 'tstore'

This module provides storage via the AKT Triplestore when available. It was added in Redland 0.9.15 and is alpha quality - not complete or tested significantly (although the AKT store itself is used in production). This store provides a basic triple API but no redland contexts. The underlying RDQL support and inference is not yet exposed in Redland but may be in future.

There are several options required with the tstore storage in order to connect to the tstore database (which uses MySQL). These are:

  • host for the database server hostname

  • port for the database server port

  • database for the database name (not the storage name)

  • user for the database server user name

  • password for the database server password

NOTE: Take care exposing the password as for example, program arguments or environment variables. The rdfproc utility can with help this by reading the password from standard input. Inside programs, one way to prevent storing the password in a string is to construct a Redland hash of the storage options such as via librdf_hash_from_string and use librdf_new_storage_with_options to create a storage. The rdfproc utility source code demonstrates this.


  • Persistent

  • Suitable for very large models

  • Indexed and optimized by the AKT project

  • No Redland contexts

  • Alpha quality

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