Store 'memory'

This module is always present (cannot be removed) and provides a simple and fast in-memory store with no persistence. It is the default store if no store name is given to the storage constructors.

The memory store is not suitable for large in-memory models since it does not do any indexing. For that, use the the section called “Store 'hashes'” with hash-type of memory.

The module provides optional contexts support enabled when boolean storage option contexts is set.


  /* Explicitly named memory storage */
  storage=librdf_new_storage(world, "memory", NULL, NULL);

  /* Default storage type, which is memory */
  storage=librdf_new_storage(world, NULL, NULL, NULL);

  /* In-memory store with contexts */
  storage=librdf_new_storage(world, NULL, NULL, "contexts='yes'");


  • In-memory

  • Fast

  • Suitable for small models

  • No indexing

  • No persistence

  • Optional contexts (with option contexts set)

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