Store 'file'

This module provides an in-memory model (internally, using a the section called “Store 'memory'”) initialised from the RDF/XML content in a file. The file is given as the storage name and assumed to exist on opening. When a model or storage sync method is called or the model or store is closed, a new file is created, the old file renamed to a backup and the new file renamed to replace it. This store was added in Redland 0.9.15

There are no options for this store and contexts are not supported.


  /* File based store from thing.rdf file */
  storage=librdf_new_storage(world, "file", "thing.rdf", NULL);


  • In-memory

  • Suitable for small models

  • Simple local storage to content in RDF/XML

  • Not indexed

  • No contexts

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