Getting Authentication Token from API Key and Secret

This section describes using the deprecated legacy Flickr authentication. See the Flickr OAuth authentication

Create a file ~/.flickcurl.conf with the two values above (API Key, Shared Secret) like this:


Then prompt the user to visit the Authentication URL mentioned in the previous section ( in a web browser.

Flickr will return a page that says something like:

  "[APP NAME] wants to link to your Flickr account"

with more information and two buttons. Click the button with the text:


Flickr App Garden - Mobile Auth

Flickr will return on the next page a 9-digit FROB that looks like this:


Switch back to the command line and run the flickcurl(1) utility with that FROB:

  $ flickcurl -a 123-456-789

The result will be that an Authentication Token (auth token) is calculated and returned. The flickcurl(1) utility will reply:

  flickcurl: Successfully exchanged frob 123-456-789 for authentication token
  flickcurl: Updated configuration file /Users/NAME/.flickcurl.conf with authentication token

The flickcurl(1) utility has automatically updated the ~/.flickcurl.conf configuration file (as the message will show) with the auth_token field to give something like:

  $ cat ~/.flickcurl.conf

At this stage, the utility (or library) is authenticated and ready to use.