Upgrading from legacy Flickr authentication

The flickcurl_auth_oauth_getAccessToken() function turns an existing legacy-authenticated application and updates it to use OAuth. After this call, the legacy authentication tokens will expire within 24hrs (according to Flickr) so should no longer be used.

  rc = flickcurl_auth_oauth_getAccessToken(fc);

The OAuth access token and access token secret are then saved to the flickcurl object and can be read via flickcurl_get_oauth_token() and flickcurl_get_oauth_token_secret() and saved along with the Client Key (was API) and Client Secret (was Shared Secret).

The flickcurl(1) utility can also perform this upgrade with:

  $ flickcurl oauth-upgrade

It writes the resulting Access Token and Access Token Secret to the ~/.flickcurl.conf configuration file as the oauth_token and oauth_token_secret and rewrites the api_key (API Key) and secret (Shared Secret fields) as oauth_client_key (Client Key) and oauth_client_secret (Client Secret) respectively. .