Register application to get Client Key and Client Secret

NOTE: In the pictures below, the Flickr web site is shown in English and the screenshots are valid as of August 2012. Flickr upgrade the web site now and then so these instructions may not match the latest look. Hopefully you can figure it out!

Start by navigating to the Flickr App Garden at and follow the link 'Create an App' taking you to

Flickr App Garden - Get your API Key

Select the link 'Request an API Key' taking you to

Flickr App Garden - Commercial / Non-Commercial

Select either of the two buttons: 'Apply for a Non-Commercial Key' or 'Apply for a Commercial Key' as appropriate.

Flickr App Garden - Describe application

Fill in the form fields and submit it via the 'Submit' button.

Flickr App Garden - Key and Secret

Flickr will return a page containing both the API Key that looks something like:


and Secret which looks something like:


These strings should be used for the values of the Client Key (oauth_client_key) and Client Secret (oauth_client_secret) keys in either the ~/.flickcurl.conf if used with the flickcurl(1) utility or in code, with the flickcurl_set_oauth_client_key() and flickcurl_set_oauth_client_secret() functions.

You may need to change the key to be of type mobile since no callback URL is usually appropriate for a command-line application or library. This step is probably no longer needed since the callback is specified in a later step.

Click the 'Edit auth flow for this app' link below the Key and Secret

Flickr App Garden - Edit authentication flow

Change the 'App Type' to 'Mobile Application' then set the 'Mobile Permissions' to 'Read', 'Write' Or 'Delete' as appropriate.

Flickr App Garden - Edit authentication flow: mobile

This sequence will make the new key 'Auth mode Mobile' and an authentication URL will be shown on the same page something like This URL should NOT be used and is only for the legacy Flickr authentication flow.

Finish with the 'Save Changes' button to confirm and return you to the application page.

Flickr App Garden - Application page

If you ever need to alter or view the authentication, use the link 'Edit the authentication flow' on right-hand side of the application page.

All your Flickr applications are linked from