Flickcurl News

Dave Beckett

2014-08-17 Flickcurl Version 1.26 Released

Switch all API endpoints and image URLs to https protocol after announcement on 2014-04-30 that everything is going https only.

Fixed utility documentation: args consistency for PER-PAGE / PAGE.

Added new extras: url_q, url_n and url_c for new image sizes.

Configuration and build improvements for newer automake and autoconf. Add new internal convienience libraries libmtwist and libgetopt.

Added build-time utility mangen to generate manpage and extras.

Generate and accept the new staticflickr.com domain for image URIs as well as the existing static.flickr.com.

Multiple error path allocation fixes, several memory leak fixes and a few overflows found via Coverity.

2013-09-01 Flickcurl Version 1.25 Released

More OAuth fixes including getting uploading fully working.

Multiple internal OAuth changes to simplify code.

Updated the coverage for API calls added in the last year approximately.

Added new API call to get the most frequently used tags for a user. This does not seem to work over OAuth:

  flickcurl_tag** flickcurl_tags_getMostFrequentlyUsed(flickcurl* fc);

Added new API call to get the groups of a user:

  flickcurl_group** flickcurl_people_getGroups(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* user_id, const char* extras);

Added new API call to get contacts tagging suggestions but reordered the parameters to match the rest of the contacts.get* API calls.

  flickcurl_contact** flickcurl_contacts_getTaggingSuggestions(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* include_self, const char* include_address_book,
    int page, int per_page);

Added new API calls flickcurl_groups_join(), flickcurl_groups_joinRequest() and flickcurl_groups_leave() for (some of) the new group API:

  int flickcurl_groups_join(flickcurl* fc, const char* group_id,
    const char* accept_rules);

  int flickcurl_groups_joinRequest(flickcurl* fc, const char* group_id,
     const char* message, const char* accept_rules);

  int flickcurl_groups_leave(flickcurl* fc, const char* group_id,
     const char* delete_photos);

Updated the example code flickrdf.c to use the non-deprecated flickcurl_photos_getInfo2()

Updated deprecated flickcurl-config(1) program to be independent of pkg-config. This allows make distcheck to work.

2013-04-10 Flickcurl Version 1.24 Released

Fixed uploading with OAuth - incorrect signature since it failed to use POST.

Added flickcurl_photos_getInfo2() deprecating flickcurl_photos_getInfo() adding the optional 'secret' parameter that was added sometime to the API. See Debian bug 637746.

Updated flickcurl(1) to allow photos.getInfo to take an optional SECRET arg using the new call below, and to add the missing command contacts.getPublicList which fixes Issue 19. .

Added new APIs calls to make available the Flickr username and NSID when OAuth authentication is done.

  const char* flickcurl_get_oauth_username(flickcurl* fc);
  const char* flickcurl_get_oauth_user_nsid(flickcurl* fc);

These new calls were from GitHub pull request 18 from Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo - thanks.

Added a pile of fields to flickcurl_group to match what the API returns rather than what the documentation says:

Fixed grabbing text from a <tag> child text node correctly Fixes Issue 16.

Fixed parsing of latitude and longitude value responses.

Fixed a few flickcurl(1) utility manual page wordings. See Debian bug 635989 and Debian bug 635989.

Updated example code to use OAuth authentication API.

Fixed a few memory mis-uses via clang and GCC 4.8.

2012-09-01 Flickcurl Version 1.23 Released

This release fully supports using Flickr via OAuth 1.0 and converting from the legacy Flickr authentication to OAuth. It supports both authentication flows but Flickr has deprecated the legacy authentication, so it might stop working at any time.

Flickr Legacy authentication flow with Flickcurl:

  1. The initial configuration needed is the API Key and Shared Secret, obtained from the Flickr App Garden.
  2. Get the Authentication URL from the Flickr App Garden.
  3. Show the Authentication URL to the user who approves the app resulting in a user visible Frob.
  4. Authentication completes using flickcurl_auth_getFullToken() which exchanges the Frob for the final Auth Token.
  5. Optionally, the flickcurl(1) utility will store in the configuration file: auth_token, api_key and secret. Otherwise the application should do this.

Flickr Flickr OAuth 1.0 flow with Flickcurl:

  1. The initial configuration needed is the Client Key (API Key) and Client Secret (Shared Secret), obtained from the Flickr App Garden.
  2. Authentication starts with a call to flickcurl_oauth_create_request_token() to get the Request Token and Request Token Secret.
  3. Get the Authentication URL using flickcurl_oauth_get_authorize_uri().
  4. Show the Authentication URL to the user who approves the app resulting in a user visible Verifier.
  5. Authentication completes using flickcurl_oauth_create_access_token() to exchange the request token, request token secret and verifier for the final Access Token and Access Token Secret.
  6. Optionally, the flickcurl(1) utility will store in the configuration file: oauth_token, oauth_token_secret, oauth_client_key and oauth_client_secret. Otherwise the application should do this.

Added an API call to upgrade from the Flickr legacy authentication to OAuth 1.0. This revokes and deletes the legacy 'auth_token' and returns an OAuth Access Token and Access Token Secret pair which need to be saved.

    int flickcurl_auth_oauth_getAccessToken(flickcurl* fc)

The upgrade can also be performed by using the oauth.upgrade command of the flickcurl(1) utility.

Added new API calls to get and set OAuth parameters:

  const char* flickcurl_get_oauth_token(flickcurl *fc);
  void flickcurl_set_oauth_token(flickcurl *fc, const char* token);

  const char* flickcurl_get_oauth_token_secret(flickcurl* fc);
  void flickcurl_set_oauth_token_secret(flickcurl* fc, const char *secret);

  const char* flickcurl_get_oauth_client_key(flickcurl *fc);
  void flickcurl_set_oauth_client_key(flickcurl *fc, const char* client_key);

  const char* flickcurl_get_oauth_client_secret(flickcurl *fc);
  void flickcurl_set_oauth_client_secret(flickcurl *fc, const char* client_secret);

  const char* flickcurl_get_oauth_request_token(flickcurl* fc);
  void flickcurl_set_oauth_request_token(flickcurl *fc, const char* token);

  const char* flickcurl_get_oauth_request_token_secret(flickcurl* fc);
  void flickcurl_set_oauth_request_token_secret(flickcurl *fc, const char* secret);

Added new API calls for performing the OAuth flow

  int flickcurl_oauth_create_request_token(flickcurl* fc, const char* callback);

  char* flickcurl_oauth_get_authorize_uri(flickcurl* fc);

  int flickcurl_oauth_create_access_token(flickcurl* fc, const char* verifier);

In flickcurl_photos_setDates() actually send date_taken parameter. This fixes GitHub issue 15

Updated configure to use xml2-config(1) and curl-config(1) as well as pkg-config(1), for systems that do not ship with the pkg-config files, such as OSX 10.8.

Fixed memory leak in flickcurl_build_persons() on loop exit (always) and on the error path.

Fixed memory leak in flickcurl_build_photos() of string_value for tags.

Updated flickcurl utility to handle the OAuth authentication flow with new commands oauth-create and oauth-verify, while still supporting legacy Flickr auth flow with the existing -a FROB form.

Multiple internal changes in the construction of parameters to make the code more readable and handle the extra parameters needed by OAuth.

Multiple internal changes for error path and leaks found by the LLVM clang static code analyzer.

Removed all strncpy, strcat and strcpy with counted memcpy.

2011-12-28 Flickcurl Version 1.22 Released

Add support for the upload field 'hidden' to set if a photo is visible in global search.. The flickcurl_upload_params structure gains an int param hidden with values 1 for global and 2 for hidden.

Added helper functions flickcurl_get_hidden_label() and flickcurl_get_hidden_from_string() to help converting between the int values and readable labels:

  const char* flickcurl_get_hidden_label(int hidden);

  int flickcurl_get_hidden_from_string(const char* hidden_string);

Note: This is an API addition so code should test that the Flickcurl version is 1.22 or newer to use this field and the helper functions.

Added flickcurl_favorites_getContext() for new API call flickr.favorites.getContext, to get previous and next photos around a favo(u)rite:

  flickcurl_photos_list** flickcurl_favorites_getContext(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* photo_id, const char* user_id,
    int num_prev, int num_next, const char* extras);

Now supports only Raptor V2 for optional serializing of triples.

Fix flickcurl(1) utility output and help messages. Patch from Kumar Appaiah - thanks.

Fix several man page and documentation issues. Patch from Kumar Appaiah - thanks.

Remove old curl header include. Patch from Tim Harder - thanks.

Do not delete any existing data in flickcurl_build_persons() if a field is not found.

Added raptor_fake.h to distribution so that flickrdf(1) utility can work without raptor installed. Noticed by Naruto TAKAHASHI - thanks.

Added flickcurl_free_tags() to API. Patch from Naruto TAKAHASHI - thanks.

flickcurl_photoset structure gains an owner NSID field filled in when present. Patch from Naruto TAKAHASHI - thanks!

Add experimental OAuth code, not compiled in by default and built with --enable-oauth.

2011-03-26 Flickcurl 1.21

Minor bug fixes:

Made the flickrdf(1) utility handle Raptor V1, V2 or none. The configure argument --with-raptor now takes values '1', '2', 'yes' or 'no'. 'yes' selects Raptor V1 as before.

2010-11-18 Flickcurl 1.20

Fixed parsing of standard photos responses (SPR) to make several API calls work again including:

2010-07-24 Flickcurl 1.19

Support returning photo notes in flickcurl_photo structure when returning photo information with a new array field notes and notes_count for the size of the array.

Added flickcurl_note class to store photo notes.

Added flickcurl_photosets_removePhotos(), flickcurl_photosets_reorderPhotos() and flickcurl_photosets_setPrimaryPhoto() for new API calls flickr.photosets.removePhotos, flickr.photosets.reorderPhotos and flickr.photosets.setPrimaryPhoto:

  int flickcurl_photosets_removePhotos(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* photoset_id, const char** photo_ids_array);

  int flickcurl_photosets_reorderPhotos(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* photoset_id, const char** photo_ids_array);

  int flickcurl_photosets_setPrimaryPhoto(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* photoset_id, const char* photo_id);

Added flickcurl(1) command support for new API calls.

flickcurl_photos_list gains fields for page number (page), per-page count (per_page) and total photos count (total_count).

Added flickcurl_stats_getCSVFiles but it always does nothing since it expired at 2010-06-01.

Fixed portability operator typo '> =' and '+ =' lose spaces. Issue #4.

2010-04-26 Flickcurl 1.18

Added (rest of) Galleries API calls as announced 2010-04-08:

  char* flickcurl_galleries_create(flickcurl* fc, const char* title,
    const char* description, const char* primary_photo_id,
    char** gallery_url_p);

  int flickcurl_galleries_editMeta(flickcurl* fc, const char* gallery_id,
    const char* title, const char* description);

  int flickcurl_galleries_editPhoto(flickcurl* fc, const char* gallery_id,
    const char* photo_id, const char* new_comment);

  int flickcurl_galleries_editPhotos(flickcurl* fc, const char* gallery_id,
    const char* primary_photo_id, const char** photo_ids_array);

  flickcurl_gallery* flickcurl_galleries_getInfo(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* gallery_id);

  flickcurl_photos_list* flickcurl_galleries_getPhotos_params(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* gallery_id, flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

  flickcurl_photo** flickcurl_galleries_getPhotos(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* gallery_id, const char* extras, int per_page, int page);

  char* flickcurl_urls_lookupGallery(flickcurl* fc, const char* url);

(The other Gallery API calls were implemented in Flickcurl 1.17 before they were announced.)

Enum flickcurl_photo_field_type gains a new PHOTO_FIELD_gallery_comment field for representing a photo's comments in a gallery context.

Added function for new people API call (not announced): flickr.people.getPhotos:

  flickcurl_photos_list* flickcurl_people_getPhotos_params(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* user_id, int safe_search,
    const char* min_upload_date, const char* max_upload_date,
    const char* min_taken_date, const char* max_taken_date,
    int content_type, int privacy_filter,
    flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

  flickcurl_photo** flickcurl_people_getPhotos(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* user_id, int safe_search,
    const char* min_upload_date, const char* max_upload_date,
    const char* min_taken_date, const char* max_taken_date,
    int content_type, int privacy_filter, const char* extras,
    int per_page, int page);

Added functions to allow more control over the internal CURL* handle and to set any curl options needed such as with curl_easy_setopt(). The new library constructor function flickcurl_new_with_handle() allows reuse an existing curl handle rather than create and destroy one during the library use. The new library method flickcurl_set_curl_setopt_handler() allows user code to be called via a handler to make any adjustments to the curl options that may be required on a per-request basis.

  flickcurl* flickcurl_new_with_handle(void* curl_handle);

  void flickcurl_set_curl_setopt_handler(flickcurl *fc,
     flickcurl_curl_setopt_handler curl_handler,
     void* curl_handler_data);

Added flickcurl(1) utility support for new API calls.

Fix several cut-n-paste "latitude should be longitude" errors in flickcurl_photos_geo_batchCorrectLocation(), flickcurl_photos_geo_photosForLocation_params() and flickcurl_photos_geo_setLocation().

2010-03-05 Flickcurl 1.17

Added functions for new stats API calls announced 2010-03-03: flickr.stats.getCollectionDomains, flickr.stats.getCollectionReferrers, flickr.stats.getCollectionStats, flickr.stats.getPhotoDomains, flickr.stats.getPhotoReferrers, flickr.stats.getPhotosetDomains, flickr.stats.getPhotosetReferrers, flickr.stats.getPhotosetStats, flickr.stats.getPhotoStats, flickr.stats.getPhotostreamDomains, flickr.stats.getPhotostreamReferrers, flickr.stats.getPhotostreamStats, flickr.stats.getPopularPhotos and flickr.stats.getTotalViews including new flickcurl_stats and flickcurl_view_stats datatypes:

  flickcurl_stat** flickcurl_stats_getCollectionDomains(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* date, const char* collection_id, int per_page, int page);

  flickcurl_stat** flickcurl_stats_getCollectionReferrers(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* date, const char* domain, const char* collection_id,
    int per_page, int page);

  int flickcurl_stats_getCollectionStats(flickcurl* fc, const char* date,
    const char* collection_id);

  flickcurl_stat** flickcurl_stats_getPhotoDomains(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* date, const char* photo_id, int per_page, int page);

  flickcurl_stat** flickcurl_stats_getPhotoReferrers(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* date, const char* domain, const char* photo_id,
    int per_page, int page);

  flickcurl_stat* flickcurl_stats_getPhotoStats(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* date, const char* photo_id);

  flickcurl_stat** flickcurl_stats_getPhotosetDomains(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* date, const char* photoset_id, int per_page, int page);

  flickcurl_stat** flickcurl_stats_getPhotosetReferrers(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* date, const char* domain, const char* photoset_id,
    int per_page, int page);

  int flickcurl_stats_getPhotosetStats(flickcurl* fc, const char* date,
    const char* photoset_id);

  flickcurl_stat** flickcurl_stats_getPhotostreamDomains(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* date, int per_page, int page);

  flickcurl_stat** flickcurl_stats_getPhotostreamReferrers(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* date, const char* domain, int per_page, int page);

  int flickcurl_stats_getPhotostreamStats(flickcurl* fc, const char* date);

  flickcurl_photo** flickcurl_stats_getPopularPhotos(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* date, const char* sort, int per_page, int page,
    const char* extras);

  flickcurl_view_stats* flickcurl_stats_getTotalViews(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* date);

  void flickcurl_free_stat(flickcurl_stat *stat);

  void flickcurl_free_stats(flickcurl_stat **stats_object);

  void flickcurl_free_view_stats(flickcurl_view_stats *view_stats);

The flickcurl_photo_field_type enum gains new fields for counts of comments (PHOTO_FIELD_comments) and favorites (PHOTO_FIELD_favorites) so that these stats can be returned by the new flickcurl_stats_getPopularPhotos() call. (View count field is already present).

Added functions for 5 new people API calls announced 2010-01-21 flickr.photos.people.add, flickr.photos.people.delete, flickr.photos.people.deleteCoords, flickr.photos.people.editCoords and flickr.photos.people.getList:

  int flickcurl_photos_people_add(flickcurl* fc, const char* photo_id,
    const char* user_id, int person_x, int person_y, int person_w, int person_h);

  int flickcurl_photos_people_delete(flickcurl* fc, const char* photo_id,
    const char* user_id);

  int flickcurl_photos_people_deleteCoords(flickcurl* fc, const char* photo_id,
    const char* user_id);

  int flickcurl_photos_people_editCoords(flickcurl* fc, const char* photo_id,
    const char* user_id, int person_x, int person_y, int person_w, int person_h);

  flickcurl_person** flickcurl_photos_people_getList(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* photo_id);

Added functions for 1 new "photos of" people API calls announced 2010-01-21 flickr.people.getPhotosOf:

  flickcurl_photos_list* flickcurl_people_getPhotosOf_params(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* user_id, flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

  flickcurl_photo** flickcurl_people_getPhotosOf(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* user_id, const char* extras, int per_page, int page);

Added functions for 3 new gallery API calls - not yet announced and seems a little incomplete e.g. you cannot list the photos in a gallery: flickr.galleries.addPhoto, flickr.galleries.getList and flickr.galleries.getListForPhoto including new type flickcurl_gallery:

  int flickcurl_galleries_addPhoto(flickcurl* fc, const char* gallery_id,
    const char* photo_id, const char* comment_text);

  flickcurl_gallery** flickcurl_galleries_getList(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* user_id, int per_page, int page);

  flickcurl_gallery** flickcurl_galleries_getListForPhoto(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* photo_id, int per_page, int page);

  void flickcurl_free_galleries(flickcurl_gallery **galleries_object);

Updated the flickcurl(1) to support the new gallery, people photos and stats API calls.

2010-01-13 Flickcurl 1.16

Fix flickcurl(1) utility configuration file generation to use key=value format as documented. Make the software accept files with spaces around the '='.

Updated authentication documentation to add a picture showing the result of fetching the mobile authentication URLs.

2010-01-02 Flickcurl 1.15

The flickcurl_search_params gains an in_gallery boolean field which was added to the photos search API as announced 2009-12-17.

The flickcurl(1) utility photos.search commands gains geo-context taking an integer arg for inside/outside, is-commons boolean flag and is-gallery boolean flag arguments.

Update the authentication section of the documentation to represent the Flickr App Garden changes. Add screen shots of the steps in the flow to authenticate.

Switch the build system to use automake 1.11 AM_SILENT_RULES enabled by default for maintainer, but can be triggered with --enable-silent-rules in configure.

2009-09-20 Flickcurl 1.14

Added a tutorial section to the documentation on how to use the search API - search parameters, result formats, extras and walking through the photos list results. Added a new example program search-photos.c to demonstrate a full working program searching for photos and using the results.

The flickcurl_search_params structure gains geo_context and is_commons search parameters which were added to the search API at some time in the past (geo_context before 10 March 2009). The Geo Context can be set for photos with flickcurl_photos_geo_setLocation() corresponding to the flickr.photos.geo.setLocation API call.

The flickcurl_extras_format_info gains new API 'extras': path_alias, url_m, url_o, url_s, url_sq, url_t as announced 2009-06-29. path_alias returns the user's Flickr URL as in /photos/user and the others provide various computed URLs and dimensions for the photos of a given size so that flickcurl_photos_getSizes() calls can be avoided directly after a search.

Apply a little resource leak fix to the video API when calloc fails - patch from github fork by 'mr.huge at seznam dot cz'. Thanks.

Fixed some off-by-1 errors in some static string allocation sizes.

Small typos and fixes to flickcurl(1) utility messages.

2009-08-01 Flickcurl 1.13

Added function flickcurl_source_uri_as_photo_id() to get photo IDs from full raw 'farm' image URLs. Added command getphotoid to the command-line utility to allow this to be called.

  char* flickcurl_source_uri_as_photo_id(const char *uri);

Added function flickcurl_get_current_request_wait() so applications can know when flickcurl will delay - sleep(2) - in order to let the web service rate limiting work. This allows the application to avoid this and try again later if it desires, rather than have Flickcurl freeze the entire application (if single threaded).

  int flickcurl_get_current_request_wait(flickcurl *fc);

Use a dynamic buffer size for request URI construction to avoid crashing when dealing with requests with e.g. long lists of of photo IDs that exceeded the "big enough" buffer for a URI. Bug noticed and reported by Henning Spruth - thanks!

After the above problem, reviewed the other fixed buffer sizes in the code and they are all for known fixed uses such as formatting a decimal number (of known size) into a string. None of the remaining ones can be influenced by data passed by API calls.

Fixed resource leak of user agent string in flickcurl_free() found by Debarshi Ray - Thanks.

2009-07-04 Flickcurl 1.12

Added function flickcurl_places_getTopPlacesList() for new API call flickr.places.getTopPlacesList.

  flickcurl_place** flickcurl_places_getTopPlacesList(flickcurl* fc,
    flickcurl_place_type place_type, const char* date, int woe_id,
    const char* place_id);

Added function flickcurl_blogs_getServices() and new flickcurl_blog_service structure for describing a blog service. for new API call flickr.blogs.getServices. Added function flickcurl_free_blog_services() to free blog services array.

  flickcurl_blog_service** flickcurl_blogs_getServices(flickcurl* fc);

  void flickcurl_free_blog_services(flickcurl_blog_service **blog_services_object);

Added function flickcurl_photos_comments_getRecentForContacts_params() for new API call flickr.photos.comments.getRecentForContacts

Added function flickcurl_machinetags_getRecentValues() for new API call flickr.machinetags.getRecentValues

Added flickr collections API including new flickcurl_collection datatype:

  flickcurl_collection* flickcurl_collections_getInfo(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* collection_id);

  flickcurl_collection* flickcurl_collections_getTree(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* collection_id, const char* user_id);

Added functions for generating flic.kr short URIs from a photo object or photo ID:

  char* flickcurl_photo_id_as_short_uri(char *photo_id);

  char* flickcurl_photo_as_short_uri(flickcurl_photo *photo);

Fixed flickcurl_invoke_common() to always set / reset HTTP headers list to allows requests that set/don't set headers to work in sequence when called with the same flickcurl context. The symptom of this was in long sequences with mixed reads and writes, crashes or mysterious failures happened. Bug reported / found by Henning Spruth - thanks!

Added continent type to allow flickcurl_get_place_type_label() and flickcurl_get_place_type_by_label() to use. This allows 'continent' to be used in place APIs when called from flickcurl(1) utility.

Retrieve the place name from the <place> element content as well as from attribute value. In the Flickr API, there is always more than one way to get a field ;)

Switched from Subversion to GIT source control hosted by GitHub. The GitHub flickcurl project page. previously was in Subversion at svn.dajobe.org and it moved as of SVN r1021 on 2006-06-02 after the 1.11 release tagged flickcurl_1_11.

Update SHAVE from master GIT 2134bb1207e06d1650918a56f6b142e9a840219d

Added flickcurl(1) utility support for new API calls, allow WOEID args to be "-" to omitted and to add a shorturi command to generate flic.kr short URIs from a photo ID.

2009-05-26 Flickcurl 1.11

flickcurl_search_params structure now has an integer field woe_id for searching via Where On Earth IDs (WOEIDs). Forgot to add this earlier!

The flickcurl utility was updated to support searching with the integer woeid parameter.

Search results now decode more of the extras that can be returned in search queries when the extras field is set in the query to a comma-separated list of things to return. The additions with their extras names are: original dimensions (o_dims), photo views count (views), simple list of tags (tags), photo user information (owner), geo information (geo) and user buddy icons (icons),

Added new flickcurl_photo fields for 'extras' from search results: PHOTO_FIELD_original_height, PHOTO_FIELD_original_width, PHOTO_FIELD_owner_iconfarm, PHOTO_FIELD_owner_iconserver and PHOTO_FIELD_views

Added donuthole support to shapes as announced 2009-05-06. The flicckurl_shapedata structure now has is_donuthole and has_donuthole boolean flag fields.

Fix handling API calls return shape XML with slightly different names so that places.getShapeHistory and places.getInfo both work now (again?).

Added function to get a user buddy icon URI for a given user:

  char* flickcurl_user_icon_uri(int farm, int server, char *nsid);

Added function to get the user buddy icon URI from a user's photo:

  char* flickcurl_photo_as_user_icon_uri(flickcurl_photo *photo);

Added function to return the photo page URI of a photo:

  char* flickcurl_photo_as_page_uri(flickcurl_photo *photo);

Added timezone field support to place (This has not yet been announced as an API change). The flickcurl_place structure now has a timezone string field.

Make more attempts to reset the libcurl context between requests which should help in sequences of calls that mix GET (searches, get information) and POST (uploading, deletions etc.) This is intended to try to fix a hard-to-test report of crashes with multiple upload and API calls on Solaris/SPARC.

Configuration via configure now uses pkg-config(1) to get the compile (CFLAGS) and link (LIBS) flags info for libxml, libcurl and raptor. This should work since those libraries have shipped the respective .pc file in releases for some time.

Use pkg-config raptor configuration for checking raptor presence, versions, cflags and libs rather than the (deprecated) raptor-config program output.

Added configure SHAVE support (git clone git://git.lespiau.name/shave ) to "make autotools output sane" which amounts to much less verbose messages when compiling. It is now enabled by default.

Compiling from subversion (autogen.sh or configure --enable-maintainer-mode) requires Libtool V2 for consistency with my other projects.

2009-05-01 Flickcurl 1.10

Made uploading images and replacing images work again.

Added functions to set the service URIs for the image upload and image replacing web services:

  void flickcurl_set_upload_service_uri(flickcurl *fc, const char *uri);

  void flickcurl_set_replace_service_uri(flickcurl *fc, const char *uri);

Added casts for compiling and using from C++ - the main change is to rename internal variables and function arguments called 'namespace' to 'nspace'.

2009-04-04 Flickcurl 1.9

Added functions for 2 new API calls flickr.panda.getList flickr.panda.getPhotos as announced on 2009-03-03 used in the vomiting Flickr Panda.

  char** flickcurl_panda_getList(flickcurl* fc);

  flickcurl_photo** flickcurl_panda_getPhotos(flickcurl *fc,
    const char *panda_name);

Added function for 1 new API call flickr.groups.members.getList as announced as experimental on 2009-02-24.

  flickcurl_member** flickcurl_groups_members_getList(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* group_id, const char* membertypes, int per_page, int page);

Updated the flickcurl(1) utility to support the 3 new calls.

Fixed flickcurl_photosets_getList() to work again with XML returned by the web service. Not clear if the service changed since this used to work and the code did not change.

Allow config file ~/.flickcurl.conf (as used by flickcurl(1) utility) to contain DOS newline sequence (\r\n) as well as Unix (\n) and \r.

Increased date buffer size in flickcurl_photos_setDates() to prevent buffer overruns.

2009-02-09 Flickcurl 1.8

Added support for new commons API with new institution class, new photos geo and places APIs, and new shape history API with a new shape structure class.

Added functions for 12 new API calls flickr.commons.getInstitutions, flickr.contacts.getListRecentlyUploaded, flickr.photos.geo.batchCorrectLocation, flickr.photos.geo.correctLocation, flickr.photos.geo.photosForLocation, flickr.photos.geo.setContext, flickr.places.getPlaceTypes, flickr.places.getShapeHistory, flickr.places.placesForBoundingBox, flickr.places.placesForContacts, flickr.places.placesForTags and flickr.places.tagsForPlace as announced 2009-01-12 (flickr.places.getShapeHistory), 2009-01-14 (flickr.contacts.getListRecentlyUploaded) and 2009-01-29 (Commons API):

  flickcurl_institution** flickcurl_commons_getInstitutions(flickcurl* fc);

  flickcurl_contact** flickcurl_contacts_getListRecentlyUploaded(flickcurl* fc,
    int date_lastupload, const char* filter);

  int flickcurl_photos_geo_batchCorrectLocation(flickcurl* fc,
    flickcurl_location* location, const char* place_id, int woe_id);
  int flickcurl_photos_geo_correctLocation(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* photo_id, const char* place_id, int woe_id);
  flickcurl_photo** flickcurl_photos_geo_photosForLocation(flickcurl* fc,
    flickcurl_location* location, const char* extras, int per_page, int page);
  flickcurl_photos_list* flickcurl_photos_geo_photosForLocation_params(flickcurl* fc,
    flickcurl_location* location, flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);
  int flickcurl_photos_geo_setContext(flickcurl* fc, const char* photo_id,
    int context);

  flickcurl_place_type_info** flickcurl_places_getPlaceTypes(flickcurl* fc);
  flickcurl_shapedata** flickcurl_places_getShapeHistory(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* place_id, int woe_id);
  flickcurl_place** flickcurl_places_placesForBoundingBox(flickcurl* fc,
    flickcurl_place_type place_type, double minimum_longitude,
    double minimum_latitude, double maximum_longitude,
    double maximum_latitude);
  flickcurl_place** flickcurl_places_placesForContacts(flickcurl* fc,
    flickcurl_place_type place_type, int woe_id, const char* place_id,
    int threshold, const char* contacts, int min_upload_date,
    int max_upload_date, int min_taken_date, int max_taken_date);
  int flickcurl_places_placesForTags(flickcurl* fc,
    flickcurl_place_type place_type, int woe_id, const char* place_id,
    const char* threshold, const char* tags, const char* tag_mode,
    const char* machine_tags, const char* machine_tag_mode,
    const char* min_upload_date, const char* max_upload_date,
    const char* min_taken_date, const char* max_taken_date);
  flickcurl_tag** flickcurl_places_tagsForPlace(flickcurl* fc,
    int woe_id, const char* place_id, int min_upload_date,
    int max_upload_date, int min_taken_date, int max_taken_date);

Added destructors for new classes:

  void flickcurl_free_institution(flickcurl_institution *);
  void flickcurl_free_institutions(flickcurl_institution **);
  void flickcurl_free_place_type_infos(flickcurl_place_type_info **);
  void flickcurl_free_shape(flickcurl_shapedata *);
  void flickcurl_free_shapes(flickcurl_shapedata **);

Added flickcurl_institution class and flickcurl_institution_url_type enum for URL types for response from flickcurl_commons_getInstitutions(). Added flickcurl_free_institution() and flickcurl_free_institutions() destructors.

Added FLICKCURL_PLACE_CONTINENT value to place flickcurl_location enum.

Added flickcurl_place_type_info for results of flickcurl_places_getPlaceTypes(). Added flickcurl_free_place_type_infos() destructor.

Added new flickcurl_shapedata class to store shape information, ESRI shape data and/or URLs returned by flickcurl_places_getShapeHistory().

flickcurl_place structure gains a shape field returning a pointer to the flickcurl_shapedata shape data, deprecating old shape fields. Added flickcurl_free_shape() and flickcurl_free_shapes() destructors.

flickcurl_tag gains a new uploaded field for use with flickcurl_contacts_getListRecentlyUploaded()

Deprecated flickcurl_places_getChildrenWithPhotosPublic() and flickcurl_places_getInfo() replacing them with new flickcurl_places_getChildrenWithPhotosPublic2() and flickcurl_places_getInfo2() that taken an integer WOEID parameter rather than string.

Updated flickcurl(1) utility for new API calls.

2008-11-30 Flickcurl 1.7

Added support for the new Machine Tags API as announced 2008-11-18. Added representations for machine tag namespaces flickcurl_tag_namespace and machine tag predicate/value pairs flickcurl_tag_predicate_value.

Added functions for the new API calls flickr.machinetags.getNamespaces, flickr.machinetags.getPairs, flickr.machinetags.getPredicates and flickr.machinetags.getValues:

  flickcurl_tag_namespace** flickcurl_machinetags_getNamespaces(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* predicate, int per_page, int page);

  flickcurl_tag_predicate_value** flickcurl_machinetags_getPairs(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* namespace, const char* predicate, int per_page, int page);

  flickcurl_tag_predicate_value** flickcurl_machinetags_getPredicates(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* namespace, int per_page, int page);

  flickcurl_tag_predicate_value** flickcurl_machinetags_getValues(flickcurl* fc, 
    const char* namespace, const char* predicate, int per_page, int page);

Added destructors for new machine tag structures and arrays of them:

  void flickcurl_free_tag_namespace(flickcurl_tag_namespace *tag_nspace);
  void flickcurl_free_tag_namespaces(flickcurl_tag_namespace** tag_nspaces);
  void flickcurl_free_tag_predicate_value(flickcurl_tag_predicate_value* tag_pv);
  void flickcurl_free_tag_predicate_values(flickcurl_tag_predicate_value **tag_pvs);

Added flickcurl_tags_getClusterPhotos() function for new API call flickr.tags.getClusterPhotos to get a set of photos around a cluster (of 3 tags). This was added to the web service API but not announced some time between 2008-09-04 ad 2008-09-19.

  flickcurl_photos_list* flickcurl_tags_getClusterPhotos(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* tag, const char* cluster_id,
    flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

Updated Places API for changes as announced 2008-11-05 and in The Shape of Alpha to support querying for places via place IDs or Where on Earth (WOE) Ids. The places APIs may now return ESRI shape information and flickcurl_place now stores any XML <shapedata> and ESRI shapefile URLs returned in a lookup call e.g:

$ ./flickcurl places.getInfo 4hLQygSaBJ92
  Type locality (2)
  Location: latitude 45.512000  longitude -73.554000  accuracy unknown
  Shapedata (1752 bytes):
                        <polyline>45.427627563477,-73.589645385742 45.427051544...
  Shapefile URLs: 1
    0): http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3228/shapefiles/3534_20081111_0a8afe03c5.tar.gz
  0) place location: name 'Montreal, Quebec, Canada' id 4hLQygSaBJ92 woeid 3534 url '/Canada/Quebec/Montreal'
  2) place locality: name 'Montreal, Quebec, Canada' id 4hLQygSaBJ92 woeid 3534 url '/Canada/Quebec/Montreal'
  3) place county: name 'Montréal, Quebec, Canada' id cFBi9x6bCJ8D5rba1g woeid 29375198 url '/cFBi9x6bCJ8D5rba1g'
  4) place region: name 'Quebec, Canada' id CrZUvXebApjI0.72 woeid 2344924 url '/Canada/Quebec'
  5) place country: name 'Canada' id EESRy8qbApgaeIkbsA woeid 23424775 url '/Canada'

Added flickcurl_places_getInfo() for flickr.places.getInfo, flickcurl_places_getInfoByUrl() for flickr.places.getInfoByUrl and flickcurl_places_getChildrenWithPhotosPublic() for flickr.places.getChildrenWithPhotosPublic:

  flickcurl_place** flickcurl_places_getChildrenWithPhotosPublic(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* place_id, const char* woe_id);

  flickcurl_place* flickcurl_places_getInfo(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* place_id, const char* woe_id);

  flickcurl_place* flickcurl_places_getInfoByUrl(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* url);

Added flickcurl_places_placesForUser() function to match API name correctly for API call flickr.places.placesForUser deprecating wrong name flickcurl_places_forUser().

  flickcurl_place** flickcurl_places_placesForUser(flickcurl* fc,
     flickcurl_place_type place_type, int woe_id, const char* place_id,
     int threshold);

Fixed photoset API calls flickcurl_photosets_getList() and flickcurl_photosets_getPhotos_params() to correctly find photos in a photoset from latest web service API. Not clear if the existing code was wrong or the web service response changed.

Updated flickcurl(1) utility to give a usage message for a commmand when it is called with too many or too few arguments.

2008-09-04 Flickcurl 1.6

"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood" and also "Everybody needs good Neighbours".
Added PHOTO_FIELD_location_neighbourhood, PHOTO_FIELD_neighbourhood_placeid, PHOTO_FIELD_neighbourhood_woeid, PHOTO_FIELD_location_neighbourhood and FLICKCURL_PLACE_NEIGHBOURHOOD enum values making the American English spelling versions aliases for the British / Commonwealth English. Adjusted the XPaths to accept both spellings just in case Flickr changes this. The neighbourhood / neighborhood feature was announced 2008-08-19.

Added flickcurl_places_forUser() function for new API call flickr.places.placesForUser to get the cluster of places for a user as announced 2008-09-04.

  flickcurl_place** flickcurl_places_forUser(flickcurl* fc,
     flickcurl_place_type place_type, int woe_id, const char* place_id,
     int threshold);

Added support for the (experimental) Photos List feed format parameter by the new feature of allowing any function that returns a Standard Photos Response to send the same optional result parameters, including format. This is done by adding new typedefs flickcurl_photos_list for the standard photos response and flickcurl_photos_list_params for the parameters. This allows for existing result parameters (page, per_page, extras) as well as the new new format parameter to be given optionally. The standard photos response format was described 2008-08-19 and the experimental feeds format feature was announced 2008-08-25.

Added functions to return lists of photos with list results parameters based on existing functions without the _params suffix. The functions all take a flickcurl_photos_list_params to replace any existing extras, page and/or per_page parameters and return a new flickcurl_photos_list object on success.

  flickcurl_favorites_getList_params(flickcurl* fc, const char* user_id,
    flickcurl_photos_list_params* params);

  flickcurl_favorites_getPublicList_params(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* user_id, flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

  flickcurl_groups_pools_getPhotos_params(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* group_id, const char* tags, const char* user_id,
    flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);
  flickcurl_interestingness_getList_params(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* date, flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

  flickcurl_people_getPublicPhotos_params(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* user_id,  flickcurl_photos_list_params* params);

  flickcurl_photos_getContactsPhotos_params(flickcurl* fc,
    int contact_count, int just_friends, int single_photo,
    int include_self, flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

  flickcurl_photos_getContactsPublicPhotos_params(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* user_id, int photo_count, int just_friends,
    int single_photo, int include_self,
    flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

  flickcurl_photos_getNotInSet_params(flickcurl* fc,
    int min_upload_date, int max_upload_date, const char* min_taken_date,
    const char* max_taken_date, int privacy_filter,
    flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

  flickcurl_photos_getRecent_params(flickcurl* fc,
    flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

  flickcurl_photos_getUntagged_params(flickcurl* fc,
    int min_upload_date, int max_upload_date, const char* min_taken_date,
    const char* max_taken_date, int privacy_filter,
    flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

  flickcurl_photos_getWithGeoData_params(flickcurl* fc,
    int min_upload_date, int max_upload_date, const char* min_taken_date,
    const char* max_taken_date, int privacy_filter,
    flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

  flickcurl_photos_getWithoutGeoData_params(flickcurl* fc,
    int min_upload_date, int max_upload_date, const char* min_taken_date,
    const char* max_taken_date, int privacy_filter,
    flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

  flickcurl_photos_recentlyUpdated_params(flickcurl* fc, int min_date,
    flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

  flickcurl_photos_search_params(flickcurl* fc,
    flickcurl_search_params* params,
    flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

  flickcurl_photosets_getPhotos_params(flickcurl* fc,
   const char* photoset_id, int privacy_filter,
   flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

Added int flickcurl_photos_list_params_init() to initialize a photos list parameter object and flickcurl_free_photos_list() to destroy a photos list object.

  int flickcurl_photos_list_params_init(flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);
  void flickcurl_free_photos_list(flickcurl_photos_list* photos_list);

Added a flickcurl_location to a flickcurl_place for the new flickcurl_places_forUser() function.

Added flickcurl_get_feed_format_info() to get the names and descriptions of the current known feed 'format' parameter values, as usable by the '_params' functions mentioned above.

  int flickcurl_get_feed_format_info(int feed_format,
    const char** name_p, const char** label_p, const char** mime_type_p);

Added flickcurl_get_extras_format_info() to get the names and descriptions of the current known 'extras' parameter values, as usable by the '_params' functions mentioned above.

  int flickcurl_get_extras_format_info(int extras_format,
    const char** name_p, const char** label_p);

Added flickcurl_search_params_init() to initialize a search parameter object

  int flickcurl_search_params_init(flickcurl_search_params* params);

Fixed building contexts to not expect the number of contexts to be 3 (!!) but allocate it based on the returned XML. Bug reported by Francis Gastellu.

Fixed typo in the FOAF namespace - no trailing #

Updated flickcurl(1) utility to help with authentication configuration. It now prints a help message on how to get authentication tokens set up, when there is no configuration file present and now accepts -a FROB as an entire command line to get the auth token from the web service via the mobile frob.

Updated flickcurl(1) utility help message to explain list result parameters in more detail, enumerating the known format and extra values using the new flickcurl_get_extras_format_info() and flickcurl_get_feed_format_info() functions.

All flickcurl(1) utility command options that accept booleans, now recognise "true", "false", "yes" and "no" values as well as the existing 'non-zero integer means true' form.

Updated flickcurl(1) utility command photos.recentlyUpdated now enforces it's required parameter - min-date.

Updated flickcurl(1) utility to understand raw format results and write them either to stdout (default) or a file, when called with -o FILE or --output FILE.

Updated flickcurl(1) utility to add a -q / --quiet to be less verbose in its output. This option does not make informational requests generate no output!

Improved error reporting when an API fails (returns non-200), an error message is called via the error handler (set by flickcurl_set_error_handler()).

2008-08-17 Flickcurl 1.5

Added flickcurl_tags_getClusters() function for new API call flickr.tags.getClusters as announced 2008-07-17

Added Tag Clusters API support including new typedefs flickcurl_tag_cluster and flickcurl_tag_clusters and destructor function:

  void flickcurl_free_tag_clusters(flickcurl_tag_clusters *tcs);

Updated flickcurl(1) utility command to add new command tags.getClusters for calling the flickcurl_tags_getClusters() API.

Updated photo search API structure flickcurl_search_params to add contacts, has_geo, lat, lon, radius and radius_units fields.

Updated flickcurl_photos_search() to add support for new photos.search contacts, has_geo, lat, lon, radius and radius_units parameters. The lat, lon, radius and radius_units parameters were announced 2008-06-27

Updated flickrdf utility to make it build without raptor available.

2008-06-24 Flickcurl 1.4

Added video support.

Updated flickcurl(1) utility to report video information when found. Document that photos.search can now take a media argument to search over photos, videos or both.

Added a char* media type field to flickcurl_photo to allow detection of photos or videos by type, and in the case of type "video", provide extra video information in another new field flickcurl_video* video.

Added new flickcurl_video structure for providing video-specific information such as duration and flickcurl_free_video() to free it.

Added an API for turning photo description/metadata into RDF triples. Added new class flickcurl_serializer and factory flickcurl_serializer_factory for called to handle the results of serializing. Added new functions:

  flickcurl_serializer* flickcurl_new_serializer(flickcurl* fc,
    void* data, flickcurl_serializer_factory* factory);
  void flickcurl_free_serializer(flickcurl_serializer* serializer);
  int flickcurl_serialize_photo(flickcurl_serializer* frc,
    flickcurl_photo* photo);
Updated all the namespaces used by the RDF serializer to use a different use of machinetags.org as follows:
  1. Public namespaces (existing schemas):
    • Dublin Core: Prefix: dc URI: http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/
      legacy namespace
    • Dublin Core Terms: Prefix: dcterms URI: http://purl.org/dc/terms/
      new namespace with predicates dc:creator dc:dateSubmitted dc:rights dc:modified dc:issued dc:created dc:description dc:title
    • FOAF: Prefix: foaf URI: http://xmlns.com/foaf/0.1/
      with predicates foaf:maker foaf:name foaf:nick and classes foaf:Person foaf:Image
    • Geo by W3C SWIG: Prefix: geo URI: http://www.w3.org/2003/01/geo/wgs84_pos#
      with predicates geo:lat geo:long
    • RDF Schema: Prefix: rdfs URI: http://www.w3.org/2000/01/rdf-schema#
      with predicates rdfs:label
    • RDF: Prefix: rdf URI: http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#
      with predicates rdf:type
    • XML Schema Datatypes: Prefix: xsd URI: http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema#
      with XSD datatypes xsd:boolean xsd:dateTime xsd:double xsd:integer
  2. Flickr terminology namespaces (no schema yet):
    • Flickr API initially for video terms: Prefix: flickr URI: http://machinetags.org/ns/Flickr#
      with predicates flickr:image flickr:video flickr:width flickr:height and classes flickr:Video
    • Places API: Prefix: places URI: http://machinetags.org/ns/Places#
      with predicates places:place places:type places:name places:id places:placeid places:url and class places:Place
  3. Machine Tag namespaces (no schema yet; prefix is the same as the machine tag prefix):
    • Bluetagging: Prefix: blue URI: http://machinetags.org/ns/Blue#
    • Celltagging: Prefix: cell URI: http://machinetags.org/ns/Cell#
    • Dopplr: Prefix: dopplr URI: http://machinetags.org/ns/Dopplr#
    • Filtr: Prefix: filtr URI: http://machinetags.org/ns/Filtr#
    • Geonames: Prefix: geonames URI: http://machinetags.org/ns/Geonames#
    • Ph: Prefix: ph URI: http://machinetags.org/ns/Ph#
    • Upcoming: Prefix: upcoming URI: http://machinetags.org/ns/Upcoming#

Updated flickrdf(1) to use new serialization API and to have less conditional code.

Fixed argument parsing bugs for the flickcurl(1) utility commands photos.search and photos.upload - 1 argument was skipped for every argument found.

flickcurl(1) utility commands photos.setContentType and photos.setSafetyLevel now accept both integer and label values.

Added a -V / --verbose flag to the flickcurl(1) utility.

Added helper functions for to/from labels for content type and safety level.

  const char* flickcurl_get_content_type_label(int content_type);
  int flickcurl_get_content_type_from_string(const char* content_type_string);
  const char* flickcurl_get_safety_level_label(int safety_level);
  int flickcurl_get_safety_level_from_string(const char* safety_level_string);

Added 1 new Flickr API call for the preferences API added to the public API around 2008-03-24.

  int flickcurl_prefs_getGeoPerms(flickcurl* fc);

Protect destructors from NULL args. In maintainer mode, a warning message and an abort happen.

Note that the woeids can be used with the new Yahoo! Geo API

2008-03-08 Flickcurl 1.3

4 new Flickr API calls for updates to the new flickr.prefs APIs:

  int flickcurl_prefs_getContentType(flickcurl* fc);
  int flickcurl_prefs_getHidden(flickcurl* fc);
  int flickcurl_prefs_getPrivacy(flickcurl* fc);
  int flickcurl_prefs_getSafetyLevel(flickcurl* fc);

Fixed flickcurl_photosets_create() to return properly on success. It used to do the creation correctly but failed to set up the XML XPath context so returned a failure response and error message even on success..

Fixed flickcurl photosets.create command to take 3 args not 4.

flickcurl help message was edited to use USER-NSID for NSIDs not USER-ID for user login IDs.

Added documentation section on how to do Flickr authentication.

Fixed example code and renamed it to examples/print-photo-info.c

Portability fixes for time headers.

Win32 and portability compilation fixes:

Add portable gettimeofday() which does not exist on Win32 and may not exist on non-BSD systems.

Added an implementation of the nanosleep() using either on win32: Sleep() or on unixes: sleep() and/or usleep().

Added support for place woeid field and added new photo fields PHOTO_FIELD_location_woeid, PHOTO_FIELD_neighborhood_woeid, PHOTO_FIELD_locality_woeid, PHOTO_FIELD_county_woeid, PHOTO_FIELD_region_woeid and PHOTO_FIELD_country_woeid.

2008-01-28 Flickcurl 1.2

Fixed "brown paper bag" issue. 1.1 could not be built as docs/flickcurl.1.in was missing from the tarball:

make[1]: *** No rule to make target `flickcurl.1.in', needed by `flickcurl.1'.  Stop.

Added configure search for nanosleep() in librt and libposix4 for building on Solaris.

2008-01-26 Flickcurl 1.1

2 new Flickr API calls for updates to the places APIs:

  flickcurl_place** flickcurl_places_find(flickcurl* fc, const char* query);
  flickcurl_place* flickcurl_places_findByLatLon(flickcurl* fc, double lat,
                                                 double lon, int accuracy);

Added type field to flickcurl_place structure for use by results from flickcurl_places_find().

Added method to turn a place type label into an enum:

  flickcurl_place_type flickcurl_get_place_type_by_label(const char* place_label);

Added destructor function to free list of places

  void flickcurl_free_places(flickcurl_place **places_object);

Source structure reorganised but it is building the same libraries and binaries and installing them in the same places.

Added HTML documentation API reference manual documentation automatically generated from source code autodocs, via gtkdoc. 100% of the API functions and structures are documented.

Made flickcurl manpage automatically be kept up to date with the command help from the utility itself.

Fixed a crash with the upload command of flickcurl(1)

Enforce minimum library versions in configure: libcurl minimum version 7.10.0 from 2002. libxml minimum version 2.6.8 from 2004

2008-01-12 Flickcurl 1.0

Now supports the entire Flickr API including the new Places API: searching, looking up by ID or URI, getting place IDs from photo descriptions.

12 new Flickr API calls supported (100.0% of API):

flickcurl utility updated to add all new functions.

Added flickcurl_activity and flickcurl_activity_event for photo/comment activity

Added flickcurl_blog for photo blogs.

Added flickcurl_place for places.

Added place_id to search parameters

Added placeid fields to the flickcurl_photo_field_type enum and as new flickcurl_photo fields.

Added destructor functions to free photosets, tickets, user status information and categories

  void flickcurl_free_activities(flickcurl_activity** activities);
  void flickcurl_free_blogs(flickcurl_blog **blogs_object);
  void flickcurl_free_place(flickcurl_place* place);

2007-12-22 Flickcurl 0.13

20 new Flickr API calls supported (91.3% of API):

flickcurl utility updated to add all new functions.

Added flickcurl_category for categories of groups.

Added flickcurl_photoset for photosets.

Added flickcurl_size for returning image sizes.

Added flickcurl_ticket for returning asynchronous upload tickets.

Added flickcurl_user_upload_status for returning details on a user's upload status.

Added destructor functions to free photosets, tickets, user status information and categories

  void flickcurl_free_photoset(flickcurl_photoset *photoset);
  void flickcurl_free_photosets(flickcurl_photoset **photosets_object);
  void flickcurl_free_ticket(flickcurl_ticket *ticket);
  void flickcurl_free_tickets(flickcurl_ticket **tickets_object);
  void flickcurl_free_user_upload_status(flickcurl_user_upload_status *u);
  void flickcurl_free_category(flickcurl_category *category);
  void flickcurl_free_categories(flickcurl_category **categories_object);

Added utility functions:

  char* flickcurl_array_join(const char *array[], char delim);
  char** flickcurl_array_split(const char *str, char delim);
  void flickcurl_array_free(char *array[]);

2007-08-11 Flickcurl 0.12

23 new Flickr API calls supported (72.1% of API):

flickcurl utility updated to add all new functions.

Added flickcurl_exif for flickcurl_photos_getExif

Added flickcurl_group for the groups functions flickcurl_groups_pools_add, flickcurl_groups_pools_getGroups, flickcurl_groups_pools_getPhotos and flickcurl_groups_pools_remove

Added photos field PERSON_FIELD_favedate as returned by flickcurl_photos_getFavorites

Added destructor functions to free persons lists, exif, exifs list, group and groups list.

  void flickcurl_free_persons(flickcurl_person** persons);
  void flickcurl_free_exif(flickcurl_exif *exif);
  void flickcurl_free_exifs(flickcurl_exif **exifs_object);
  void flickcurl_free_group(flickcurl_group *group);
  void flickcurl_free_groups(flickcurl_group **groups_object);

2007-08-03 Flickcurl 0.11

10 new Flickr API calls supported (50% of API):

flickcurl utility updated to add all new functions.

Added flickcurl_search_params structure for flickcurl_photos_search().

Added flickcurl_perms for the flickcurl_photos_getPerms() and flickcurl_photos_setPerms() functions.

Added flickcurl_contact structure for flickcurl_contacts_getList() and flickcurl_contacts_getPublicList() functions.

Added flickcurl_upload_params structure and added new upload function flickcurl_photos_upload_params() to use it, deprecating flickcurl_photos_upload() with the long list of parameters.

Added destructor functions to free a photos list, perms contacts and upload status.

  void flickcurl_free_photos(flickcurl_photo** photos);
  void flickcurl_free_perms(flickcurl_perms *perms);
  void flickcurl_free_contact(flickcurl_contact *contact_object);
  void flickcurl_free_contacts(flickcurl_contact **contacts_object);
  void flickcurl_free_upload_status(flickcurl_upload_status* status);

Deprecated wrongly named function flickcurl_free_upload_status(), replaced by

  void flickcurl_upload_status_free(flickcurl_upload_status* status);

2007-04-16 Flickcurl 0.10

13 new Flickr API calls supported (40.8% of API):

flickcurl utility updated to add all new functions.

Added all uploading and replacing of photos APIs. and flickcurl_upload_status structure for upload results.

Added all photo comments APIs and flickcurl_comment structure for comments.

Added support for uploading with POST and form-data. Yay libcurl.

Added codegen utility to aid writing skeleton API code.

Added all reflection APIs and flickcurl_method and flickcurl_arg structures for method descriptions.

Added photo location fields: neighborhood, locality, region and country. They may not be returned in the API just yet, they were announced and then removed.

Renamed the "Flickr to RDF app" to be called flickrdf since I used Triplr for something else as it was such a good name.

2007-02-25 Flickcurl 0.9

17 new Flickr API calls supported (28.2% of API):

Renamed enum flickcurl_photo_field to flickcurl_photo_field_type and added flickcurl_photo_field as the photo field structure.

Added authorname and count fields to the flickcurl_tag structure to handle tag methods that return counts.

Added enum flickcurl_person_field_type value PERSON_FIELD_photos_views with value integer, not in API docs.

flickcurl_person_field structure for fields of flickcurl_person.

Added flickcurl* method to indicate that an API call must be signed, even if no authentication token has been given. This is mostly for internals of authentication.

  void flickcurl_set_sign(flickcurl *fc)

Added flickcurl* method to do a write request with POST. Not presently used.

  void flickcurl_set_write(flickcurl *fc, int is_write);

Added flickcurl methods to set data to send in a request:

  /* send binary data */
  void flickcurl_set_data(flickcurl *fc, void* data, size_t data_length);

  /* send XML serialized from the document DOM */
  void flickcurl_set_xml_data(flickcurl *fc, xmlDocPtr doc);

2007-02-20 Flickcurl 0.8

Added flickcurl_init() and flickcurl_finish() to do once-per-process initializing and cleanup.

Added more help info to flickrdf.

Added a -d DELAY option to flickrdf and flickcurl to set delay between requests using new flickcurl_set_request_delay().

Added 2 new Flickr API calls (12% of API):

Added configure development/debugging options:
--enable-capture to capture web service responses into XML files
--enable-offline to use the XML files to return results when offline

Split large api.c into auth-api.c, people-api.c, photos-api.c, photos-licenses-api.c and urls-api.c to match the API sections.

Added method to set the minimum delay between web service requests:

void flickcurl_set_request_delay(flickcurl *fc, long delay_msec);

The default is set to 1000ms = 1 request/second.

Moved flickcurl utility code into flickcurl.c

2007-02-18 Flickcurl 0.7

Added API calls returning contexts as a struct flickcurl_context* array and of type flickcurl_context_type

Added 4 Flickr API calls (10% of API):

Added struct flickcurl_context utility functions:

  const char* flickcurl_get_context_type_field_label(flickcurl_context_type type);
  void flickcurl_free_context(flickcurl_context *context);
  void flickcurl_free_contexts(flickcurl_context** contexts);

Added new flickcurl utility commands for the new APIs: groups.pools.getContext photos.getAllContexts photos.getContext, photosets.getContext

2007-02-11 Flickcurl 0.6

Added API call flickcurl.licenses.getInfo: struct flickcurl_license

  flickcurl_license** flickcurl_photos_licenses_getInfo(flickcurl *fc);

and command licenses.getInfo in flickcurl utility

Added helper to look up one license by ID:

  flickcurl_license* flickcurl_photos_licenses_getInfo_by_id(flickcurl *fc, int id);

Flickrdf updated to use the above to emit URIs instead of integers for dc:rights

Added API call flickr.people.getInfo: enum flickcurl_person_field, struct flickcurl_person

  const char* flickcurl_get_person_field_label(flickcurl_person_field field);
  flickcurl_person* flickcurl_people_getInfo(flickcurl* fc, const char* user_id);
  void flickcurl_free_person(flickcurl_person *person);

and command person.getInfo in flickcurl utility

6% of API

2007-02-04 Flickcurl 0.5

Added optional support for using Raptor for more accurate and prettier serializing triples in flickrdf

Released to the world!

3% of API

2007-02-03 Flickcurl 0.4

Added flickrdf utility.

3% of API

2007-02-01 Flickcurl 0.3

Renamed all symbols to be flickcurl_*

Added flickcurl_photo_as_source_uri() to get the image file URLs for a photo ID.

Configuration file for the utilities to record the authentication is now ~/.flickcurl.conf

Packaging and licensing

3% of API

2007-01-24 Flickcurl 0.2

Refactored to have separate flickcurl* object

API calls flickr.test.echo, flickr.auth.getFullToken and flickr.photos.getInfo with functions flickcurl_test_echo, flickcurl_auth_getFullToken, flickcurl_photos_getInfo

Test program has commands table and help, authentication

3% of API

2007-01-21 Flickcurl 0.1

First version

0% of API

Copyright (C) 2007-2014 Dave Beckett