Redland Rasqal SPARQLing

by Dave Beckett

RDF Resource Description Framework Powered

This is a SPARQL Query and Protocol demonstration using Rasqal to perform queries over RDF data and allow transformation of the results with XSLT. The SPARQL supported here is the SPARQL Query Language for RDF, W3C Working Draft, 19 April 2005 version. The data is loaded into a Redland model and then queried and results accessed via the Redland Perl language bindings. See the status of SPARQL support in Rasqal

Enter space-separated URIs of RDF data content to query, the SPARQL query string. For RDF graph results (CONSTRUCT) you can select the output format. Finally, for the XML variable bindings results (SELECT queries) you can give optional URI of an XSLT sheet to transform the XML to another XML format, and a MIME type to use for the resulting format.

RDF content URIs (space-separated)


with Output Format (for RDF graph results):

XSLT sheet URI (e.g. to turn results xml into HTML)

XSLT output mime type (e.g. text/html)

example query over my FOAF